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Effective ways of analyzing poker hands

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You cannot just play poker blindly and expect to win, nope, it doesn’t work that way. There are times you need to sit back and analyze the game. Here you review the hand history of the game and check through all the decision points. You also need to look for spots where you might have made the wrong decisions. Hand analysis is the best technique for any poker player who wants to succeed and win big in online poker. Find your leaks, plug them and progressively move toward strengthening your game and identifying soft points that you can explore and win big.

How to set up the hand analysis

For you to be effective in the game, you must allocate some regular time when you will be having your review sessions. Before every session, it is important to spare some time and review hands from your last session. This is a good warm-up and a perfect way to integrate out-of -table thinking with in-table. Again, you need to dedicate an entire session for review at least once every week. There are also tracking softwares available in reputable sites like 918kiss   that are perfect for tracking your sessions while at play.

Thinking in Ranges

Hand analysis allows you to assign ranges and narrow them through the actions at hand. A range is the collection of hands that a poker player is likely to have at any given spot. When you know what range the player is in, you know that this will narrow as they proceed through the actions at hand. Analyzing your own hands gives you an opportunity to know whether you are at the top or bottom of the range. You are also able to recognize the many hands you have that you can explore for better play. Most importantly, hand analysis helps you to know whether you are balanced or imbalanced in your game.

Preflop Ranging

A solid preflop strategy allows you to know the hands to open or defend and from which position. You also get to know when to flat or 3bet, the correct sizing for each action and such. For effectiveness in the play, you also must learn to adjust ranges- narrower for a tight opponent and wider for a loose one. Preflop is actually the easiest part of the hand analysis.

Range, Equity, Maximize (REM)

This is a simple thought process, which involves assigning a range to your opponent based on board texture and play.  You also work out the equity you have with regard to your opponent’s range. Based on the information that you have gathered, you are better placed now maximize your winning opportunities.

Analyzing poker hands is one of the best online poker strategies that you can explore for better performance at the table. A good poker site like 918kiss company Malaysia will help you know how to do it perfectly. Before and after every game, you need to review your moves so that you know the best strategies to employ.

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