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Are You Aware of Teen Patti Game And How It Is Played?

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Teen Patti is the most popular game of cards that is played particularly during Deewali nights and it is liked not only within India, but also all over South Asia. There is another simplified variant available of this game, which is famously called ‘flush.’ or ‘flash’.

The origin of this game has perhaps come from a British card game called 3-Card Brag since both Teen Patti and 3-Card Brag have many similarities. Not only at various festivals, but also in any social gatherings, this game is played.

People of almost every age, enjoy playing this game. Although the game originated in the western countries, now it has acquired a desi flavour and as a result, it has become a very popular game in India.

The Indian casino site PokerBaazi also hosts 3 patti play online and if you are interested to participate in this game during your free time then you can always visit this website.

There are many other names also used for this game and you may find online in any of the following names:

  • 3 Patti
  • Flash
  • Flush
  • Indian Poker
  • Teen Patti
  • Teenpatthi
  • Teenpatti

How you can play Teenpatti?

3 to 6 players are required for Teen Patti. The jokers are not included in the 52-card deck. Because it is a gambling game by using cards, the initial step, similar to rummy or poker, is to place a bet. Typically, the first bet must be for a specific sum.

This pre-determined sum can be determined by the wishes of the player. This predetermined amount must be wagered by each player. After the bets have been collected, each player is dealt three face-down cards.

The boot amount is the smallest amount of money at risk. This sum is gathered in a pot that sits in the centre of the table.

Teenpatti rules

Teenpatti is not a difficult-to-understand and in online Live games, the rules are straightforward. As previously stated, the only cards involved in each round will be your three cards and the dealer’s three cards. The dealer must possess a Queen card or higher because 1 of the 3 cards is dealt in order to qualify.

You must first deposit your initial stake in order to participate in the game. You will get three cards once the betting period has ended, and the cards of the dealer will remain closed and you cannot see them.

You can decide whether or not to ‘play’ based on your cards. To put it another way, do you believe you are able to beat the dealer by using the 3 cards you were dealt?

If you think that you can ‘play,’ and that is equal to 1x your ‘ante’ bet. The cards of the dealer will then be turned over, and whoever has got the better hand wins.

The most exciting way to play this game is to play by using real money. Whatever bets you will place will offer you a chance to get more rupees back if you win.

However, you must go for a call break game after you have earned money that you have targeted.

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